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The Good Neighbear

Oct 13, 2021


This episode of the Good Neighbear is a part of a special series for the podcast that focuses on IFYC's Faith in the Vaccine Ambassador (FIVA) Project, which is a grant-funded project awarded to Sharyl West Loeung of Baylor's Department of Multicultural Affairs. In this episode, we join in with current Baylor student, Katy Dulany, and listen to her story about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

In response to the high need of the current moment, the Chicago-based Interfaith Youth Core, a long-time partner of Baylor and our Better Together BU interfaith group on campus, is launching the Faith in the Vaccine Ambassadors project. Baylor is participating in this project, and throughout this special series of our podcast, we will meet different Baylor students who are serving as Ambassadors in this project, and we will have the opportunity to hear their stories.